An Introduction to Web Development from Back to Front

by Mark Mahoney

This book is an introduction to web development for those with some previous programming experience. Almost every aspect of this book involves javascript. Javascript is a loosely typed, interpreted language that is going through a modernization. The goal of the modernization is to make it easier to use and more powerful. It is incorporating many features found in other programming languages and does not deserve the bad reputation it had in the past. I will be relying heavily on node.js for the runtime environment in the code examples. Node is single threaded environment with an event loop that handles asynchronous calls and callbacks for you. It leverages javascript's asynchronous features that make it ideal in a web environment. I will show how to use express, sqlite, and mongo on the back end before discussing html/css, bootstrap, and react on the front end. I have included a bonus chapter that covers GraphQL. This is not an introduction to programming. I am expecting the reader to have some experience with a an object-oriented programming language. If you are looking for an introduction to programming you can look at my other books on 'Our Code Stories'. I have books on introductory Python and C++. I hope you enjoy the code focused format of this book. Reach out to me if you have any questions or comments