Welcome to Our Code Stories!

Our Code Stories is a repository site for Storyteller playbacks. Playbacks are a new medium for guiding others through code.

The viewer sees the code evolve in the order it was written along with comments from the author. The comments can include text, pics, screenshots, and videos. The comments are linked to a point in time of the code's development. This allows a developer to tell the story of how their code came to be.

Developers can create collections of related playbacks and distribute them to others. Check out some examples here.

We want to make it easier for developers to teach and learn from each other and for them to show others how they do their work.

We are doing this by building a platform that gives developers the opportunity to:

  • create comprehensive tutorials to share with their community
  • build readable code-based portfolios for potential employers
  • charge others to access their knowledge like traditional book publishers
  • provide more context to team members who are performing code reviews

Why use Our Code Stories to share your playbacks?

  • Developers can post collections of playbacks that show tutorials and how to's. Stackoverflow is great for simple questions/answers but it can be difficult to show more complex examples. GitHub is great for collaboration but it is hard to get a sense of what a developer was thinking by looking through a Git repo.

    Our users can guide others through in depth code walkthroughs. This is a great way to build a reputation for helping others learn.

  • Developers can create portfolios of their code to demonstrate their skills to potential employers. The medium of playbacks is rich and viewers can get inside the head of the author to hear the story of how their code evolved, what alternatives were considered, and why the code is best as it is.
  • Developers can use this new medium to write programming related 'books' and tutorials and charge others to access them. We handle the payments, all that you need is a text editor and a story to tell.
  • Developers can post private playbacks for code that will be reviewed. The developer chooses who gets to see the code. Code reviews often lack important context from the author. Now, a developer can explain the in's and out's of their code to their team members.