Our Code Stories was created to help software developers all over the world tell the stories of how they do their work. Often there are interesting lessons to learn from our code but there is not a good place to write them down. These stories can help others understand how and why the code was built. We hope that Our Code Stories will be used to publish programming books and tutorials, create professional portfolios, and help development teams with onboarding new members and code reviews.

We also created the medium of Storyteller playbacks in order to make it easier for developers to teach and learn from each other. We were unhappy with how version control systems recorded the deep history of our code but did not give developers a good way to tell others what happened along the way. Storyteller is a free and open source software project (the relationship between Storyteller and Our Code Stories is kind of like the relationship between Git and GitHub).

Feel free to contact us for support at support@ourcodestories.com or contact our founder, Mark Mahoney, directly (check out some of his code here).