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Editing a Playback in the Browser

Information about using Storyteller as a version control system can be found here.

Like with video, it is sometimes useful to edit a playback after the code has been written. You might have forgotten to add a semi-colon while writing the code and did not realize it until you saw a playback. Some light rewriting of history is possible in a Storyteller playback. Information about replacing, deleting, and editing code in the browser can be found here.

  1. Create a new branch. Download a playback, unzip the contents of the file, and edit the code using Storyteller.
  2. Download the playback.json file of the new branch. This will have the original state of the playback plus any edits you made in the editor.
  3. Continue editing the original code using Storyteller. You will now have two versions of the code that each shares some history.
  4. Upload the branch's playback.json file into this playback. The current playback will be updated with the data from both. Conflicts will be identified in the code and it is up to the a developer to download the playback and resolve those conflicts.

  1. Select the code that you want to replace on the screen
  2. Write the code that you want to replace the selected code with:
    Text to insert:

  3. Click the button below to replace it:

  1. Select the code that you want to delete on the screen
  2. Click the button below to delete it:

  1. Make the code in the playback windows selectable by clicking the button below:

    (when selected, a character will be highlighted)
  2. Choose whether the insert will go before the selected character or after it. This is necessary when adding before the first character in a line or after the last one:

    (a solid cursor will be added to one of the sides of the selected character)
  3. Write the code that you want to insert at the selected location:
    Text to insert:

  4. Click the button below to insert the text:

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